Eunuchs back Anna, join anti-corruption agitation

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Mumbai, Aug 22: Even they have been desperate over the corrupt system. They are the eunuchs or the transgender community, from Parner near Anna Hazare's village Ralegansiddhi, who have backed the anti-corruption crusader in his nationwide agitation for a Jan Lokpal bill.

Kajol Guru, the leader of hijras (eunuchs) from Ahmadnagar district, took a morcha of 500 members of the community to District Collector Sanjiv Kumar and extended their support to Hazare. Guru said the blessings of the eunuch community were with Hazare.

We, normal citizens have a misconception that we ourselves are the real victims of corruption. But, its worse in case of the eunuchs, who are helpless and looked down by the society till date. "We are the worst victims of corruption," Guru said. "We are the first victims of police atrocities and have to pay money to get rid of harassment."

Guru, terming the hijras as "secondary citizens" said that they were deprived of many civil rights such as inclusion of their names in voter lists and getting a ration card. "Hazare's Jan Lokpal bill shall certainly help us in giving back our basic human rights as citizens of India," Guru said.

"We are with Anna and have not consumed food for the past three days and our relay hunger strike shall continue till the Jan Lokpal bill gets passed in Parliament," Laila Shaikh said. "Anna is our inspiration and he has backed us in our fight for our rights in the past. We are leaving by Monday evening for Delhi on the Jhelum Express. We will be carrying the message of support from the 2,500 eunuchs from our own district," said Guru.

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