Jan Lokpal fight: 80 arrested on 'Gherao PM, MPs' mission

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Anna Hazare supporters
New Delhi, Aug 21: Almost 80 people have been arrested on Sunday, Aug 21 as the people were on their way to protest in front of  the Prime Minister's house at 7RCR in New Delhi. The protesters reportedly were on a mission of "Gherao MPs and PM" over the struggle initiated by Anna Hazare.

The supporters were arrested outside the Prime Minister's residence while they (Anna's supporters) protested peacefully holding "get well soon" banners and flowers.

The Team Anna on Sunday gave a clarion call to the supporters of the 74-year-old Gandhian crusader asking people to commence nation-wide protest in front all MPs residences.

Citing government's tortoise-like movement over the anti-corruption bill (Lokpal and Jan Lokpal), Arvind Kejriwal, close aide of Anna urged people to start the agitation to compel them (PM and MPs) to pass the bill before the Monsoon Session of Parliament ends.

The government on Saturday put on an ad in all leading news papers of the country asking public views and suggestions on its (government) version of Lokpal Bill.

Following the ad, Abhishek Singhvi, the chairman of the standing committee of the Parliament which has been appointed to work on the bill, said it would not be possible to meet Hazare's deadline of passing the bill by Aug 30.

"If we follow the detailed procedure as laid in the tradition and complete the job by August 31 and present the bill, you will make fun of our committee and say that you did work without seriously applying your mind," stated Singhvi.

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