LIVE Update: Anna embarks on fast-track against corruption

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Aug 19: 7:08 PM: Government is the servant of the people, people are not ready to be ruled by the "corrupt servant", said Anna.

7:07 PM: Anna vowed to continue his fast untill the government passes strong Jan Lokpal Bill.

7:05 PM: Police promised to give permission to extend fast after schuduled 15 days, said Anrvind Kejriwal in press meet.

6:55 PM: Put alla Indians in jails but pass Jan Lokpal Bill till Aug 30, Anna left message for the government.

6:15 PM: Vital signs of Anna Hazare is normal. Blood test report is also normal, says Dr Naresh Trehan.

5:00: Support for Anna is swelling. Now, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation writes letter in support of Team Anna and Jan Lokpal.

3:00 PM: Anna Hazare's health check up underway at the fast venue. Team of doctors will be constantly monitoring the 75 year old crusaders health.

2:51 PM: Reports on the ground suggest that more people coming in to the venue. Kiran Bedi finishes her spirited speech.

2:28 PM: In an open defiance of the system, Anna Hazare proclaimed to the youth gathered that they should not leave the grounds unless the government agrees to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill.

2:22 PM: Anna hailed the role of the youth is firing the protest. The environment abuzz with shouts of "Bharat mata ki jai" and "Vande Mataram". Anna is seen waving the tri colour along with Kiran Bedi.

2:16 PM: Anna speaking to the masses gathered at the Ramlila Maidan. In spite of the rain, the crowds cheering for the 75 year old Gandhian fervently. He said, " there was a revolt in 1947 and we got rid of the British. But we are not still free of corruption and corrupt."

2:13 PM:
Anna Hazare arrives at the protest venue, the Ramlila Maidan. His enthusiasm and drive intact.

2:02 PM: Anna Hazare in a spirited sprint after rain-gods act up. Rain hampers Anna's plans to sit on a silent prayer at the Raj Ghat. Police officials and other supporters also run along side him. [Read: Fasting effect:'Young' Anna runs@Rajghat]

1:51 PM: Anna pays obeisance at the Raj Ghat and remembers the enigma called Gandhiji. He sits down amongst the teeming crowd.

1:46 PM: Anna Hazare arrives at the samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, Raj Ghat basking in the uproar of excited supporters. The symbolic visit assumes a lot of importance and the people are hailing Hazare as the 'new Gandhi'. A lot of local and foreign media representatives are also present here.

1:29 PM: Anna Hazare is expected to enter his next stop in the victory march, Raj Ghat through the second gate and not the main gate. There is a substantial crowd gathered there as well.

12:32 PM: Anna Hazare is all set to reach Raj Ghat in a few minutes to pay his obeisance to Mahatma Gandhi. Hazare thoughts and actions are based on the Gandhian ideology of non-violence and peaceful protest. [Read: Anna to visit Rajghat before protest]

12:15 PM:Thousands following Anna Hazare's motorcade. Anna flanked by Arvind Kejriwal and Swami Agnivesh waving to supporters. They are braving the harsh rains and following their new hero.

11:58 AM: Reports of Anna Hazare's health suggest that he lost 3 kgs in 3 days and his blood pressure stands at 160/88. [Read : '15-day fast may go beyond the period']

11:50 AM: In his brief speech outside Tihar he asks all his supporters to join him at Ramlila Maidan. He waves the Indian flag to the cheering supporters. He has now embarked on to the journey on an open truck to Mayapuri chowk. [Read: How to support Anna Hazare on web?]

11:46 AM: Anna Hazare declares in his speech that the second fight for freedom has started. He says "This spirit should never die down."

11:43 AM: Anna starts of his spirited speech by shouting "Bharat Mata Ki jai". He appears energetic and fired up for the cause he stands for. He is speaking to the thousands of supporters gathered outside Tihar.

11:41 AM: Anna Hazare is finally out of the Tihar Jail. He was expected to be out at 11AM. He was welcomed by cheering supporters.

11:34 AM: Delhi police requests people not to travel near the Ramlila Grounds area. Media crew and children also stationed at the fast venue to capture the buzzing spirit of India.

11:30 AM: Kiran Bedi comments that preparations at Ramlila is satisfactory and requests people to assemble at the Ramlila Grounds and not block traffic by following Anna's journey there.

11:23 AM:
Inspite of the weather, the Ramlila grounds abuzz with activity with song, dance and the energetic waving of the tri colour. People gathered from all walks of life. Young and old join the campaign in a united endeavour to rid the country of corruption.

11:19 AM: Anna Hazare expected to reach Ramlila Grounds post- noon, announce Kiran Bedi. [Click here to find Anna Hazare's route map to reach Ramlila Maidan]

11:13 AM: Anna Hazare to travel in an open truck from Tihar to Mayapuri Chowk garnering support and attention for the social ill called corruption

11:08 AM: Raining cats and dogs in Delhi, weather playing spoil sport in the biggest test of democracy at the Ramlila Maidan.

11:04 AM:
Team Anna eagerly awaiting Anna Hazare outside Tihar Jail. Many calling it India's 'second tryst with destiny'. [Read: Who is Anna Hazare?]

10:57 AM:
The route Anna is going to take is Tihar to Mayapuri Chowk on foot. Later, he will proceed to Raj Ghat, India Gate with the journey culminating at the Ramlila Maidan

10:38 AM: Anna Hazare to go the Rajghat and to the India Gate after exiting Tihar Jail. After visiting the two key points, he will set out to Ramlila Maidan, announce Kiran Bedi.

Gandhian Anna Hazare is all set to emerge from the Tihar Jail to embark on his journey to the Ramlila Maidan to kickstart his massive fight against corruption. With the 75 year old Anna continuing his fast even inside jail, a massive crowd has already gathered outside the Tihar jail premises awaiting Anna, the new messiah of hope for the corruption-riddled aam-aadmi.

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