Businessman going the Hazare-way to fight corruption in Pak

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New Delhi, Aug 18: The Anna Hazare magic is inspiring not only the people in India but those outside the country as well. A 68-year-old Pakistani businessman, Jehangeeer Akhtar is all set to go the Anna Hazare way by deciding to fast in protest of the rampant corruption in Pakistan. He intends to kickstart his fast from Sept 12 in Islamabad.

Akhtar is also an activist who wants the Pakistan Parliament to pass an anti-corruption law similar to that of the Lokpal Bill and commented, "I demand that an anti-corruption bill be presented in the National Assembly". A close follower of India's fight against corruption, Akhtar plans to take a lesson or two from the neighbour's efforts.

Akhtar has been quoted as saying, "Corruption in Pakistan is more than in India... bahut zyada (much more). I once sat on a hunger strike for 22 days for the sake of traders in Islamabad." He has earlier bveen involved in employing the Gandhian way for a social cause when tenants were forcibly evacuated that saw him going on a huger strike for eight days.

He said he was "determined" to undergo the huger strike.

The other important issue that Akhtar wants to highlight through his protest is Pakistan's increasing defence budget. He comments that this was due to "the mindset that the stability of Pakistan is endangered due to India. A group of politicians propagate such mindset. The politicians are answerable ... on which front are we in danger?"

In a jibe on the Pakistan administration, he said, "Is it not true that we started the 1965 war and lost East Pakistan in 1971 due to our follies?"

Apart from all the above issues, Akhtar also wants every district in Pakistan to be provided with infrastructure for education from primary to the intermediate levels with hostels.

Akhtar hopes that his campaign would elicit the same response Anna Hazare received in India. He commented that the Indian government should listen to people's voices. He said, "Indian public kah rahi hai tho hona chahiye (Indians are asking, so it should happen)."

Poverty has always been a root cause of all the social evils plaguing Pakistan. A Transparency International Pakistan official said corruption was the root cause of poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, shortage of electricity, and poor governance in Pakistan.

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