Cong stinker; raises issue of US' role in Hazare campaign

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Aug 18: In what can be called a stinker from the Congress camp, the party has asked the government to probe the source of funds for Anna Hazare's massive campaign against corruption that is now giving sleepless nights to the UPA government. In the intention to cause further damage, the Congress has also asked why the US chose to remark on this particular anti-corruption crusade and not on any other occasion.

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi has been quoted as saying, "It needs to be considered whether there is any power which is supporting this movement which wants to destabilize not only the government but the country. We need to take the US statements (on the protest) seriously."

Alvi commented further, "The US never supported any movement in India since its independence. For the first time, the US said that Anna Hazare's movement should be allowed and there should be no obstruction to it. What was the need for the US to give this statement."

He added that India would exercise appropriate democratic restraint to deal with the peaceful protest by Anna Hazare supporters.

With the comment most definitely ill-timed, this cannot be defined as anything other than a last-ditch effort to save the party's face after it had to face flak from the public over its insensitive dealing of Anna Hazare that resulted in a subsequent arrest.

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