Google Related - New Toolbar to offer more Fun on Web

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Google Related
California, Aug 17: The internet giant Google has announced the launch of a new toolbar known as Google Related that offers interesting and useful content while users browse the web.

When users are surfing with Related, they will often see a thin bar along the bottom of their screen that offers videos, maps, reviews and other content that's relevant to that page. When user see an item, he can like or spread the word by using the built-in +1 button.

"If you"re browsing a page about a restaurant in San Francisco, Google Related will assist you by displaying useful information about this restaurant such as the location of the restaurant on a map, user reviews, related restaurants in the area, and other webpages related to San Francisco restaurants -- all in one place,"

While navigating a new page, Google Related will look for interesting related content and, if available, display it in a bar at the bottom of the page. Google Related can display categories such as videos, news articles, maps, reviews, images, web sites and more.

Watch Video

To preview a listed item or see additional items, just use mouse to hover over different categories in the bar. If you want to watch a video, just hover over the video link and video pops up in a preview box and you can play the video directly on the page.

Importantly, Google Related only works for users who have configured Toolbar"s search site to be This new toolbar is available for Intenet Explorer and as an extension for Google Chrome.

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