Google remembers equation over Fermat's theorem with Doodle

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Google Doodle on Pierre de Fermat's birthday
Bangalore, Aug 17: The search engine giant Google on Wednesday, Aug 17 once again came up with an interesting Doodle on its home page. This time Google paid its homage to one of the greatest mathematicians of the seventeenth century, Pierre de Fermat on his 410th birth anniversary.

The mathematician received world-wide recognition over his theory which states that no three positive integers x, y, and z can satisfy the equation xn + yn = zn where n is an integer greater than two.

Google, without omitting its logo from the homepage, presented Fermat's theory using a blackboard with a faintly erased Google logo and the theorem written in chalk.

With the placing of the cursor on the Doodle, the search engine giant showed the message - I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this theorem, which this Doodle is too small to contain.

Technology giant Google never misses a chance to feature Doodles on its search engine homepage globally and locally. The interactive and beautifully designed Google Doodles remind us about special days and life of great artists and scientists.

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