Hi-profile rip apart govt following Hazare and Co. arrest

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Anna Hazare supporters
New Delhi, Aug 16: With the country facing an emergency-like situation as a result of Anna Hazare's arrest, the nation is on an upsurge of emotions from all quarters. There are protest marches and sit-in protests in various parts of the country. With Team Anna and the Union Government clearly headed for a show down, there are various furious voices that have minced no words to show their ire.

Some of the high profile faces that have lambasted the government's decision are-

Baba Ramdev
— Government has strangled the constitution. Shameful to the country as what is happening is undemocratic and authoritarian.

Arun Jaitley, Leader of Opposition, Rajya Sabha — Murder of democracy by the government both inside and outside the House.

CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat - Anna Hazare has a democratic right to protest. PM did not follow what he said his Independence Day speech.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar - Government has killed democracy by high-handed tactics. Emergency like situation has reoccurred despite Congress assurances.

Sushma Swaraj
, Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha - Will demand answers from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over Anna Hazare"s arrest this morning.

Justice Santosh Hegde — Total disregard to constitutional rights of people. Move of the government is draconian and unconstitutional.

Shanti Bhushan
— The nation will tolerate this dictatorship. The whole country will determine how they want to proceed.

LK Advani
- I am not surprised at this development. This is the direction in which this government is moving. Instead of dealing with the problem of corruption and owning responsibility it is trying to find scapegoats and stopping peaceful protests.

BJP - Government has become so insecure that it has become authoritarian. Situation is worse than emergency, we are with Anna.

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