U-turn from Anna's movement, Mumbai dabbawalas not to fast

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A Dabbawala in Mumbai
Mumbai, Aug 16: Taking a u-turn on their earlier claims that they would go on a fast on Aug 16 (today) supporting Anna Hazare, the dabbawalas in Mumbai have now decided not to fast, as the step would only make them suffer huge losses in their business.

The dabbawalas, last week, had decided to go on a fast in support of the Jan Lokpal and announced that they would go on a fast on Aug 16. But a day before the fast was to begin, they decided to abandon the fast as it would affect their business severely.(Read: Dabbawalas' support to Anna: Mumbai to starve on Aug 16).

“We support Anna Hazare and his cause, but after three days of holiday it is a little tough for us to join him," said Raghunath Medge, president, Mumbai Jeevan Dabbawala Association.

“It will affect our business greatly," he said and added," We are poor people and already the long holiday has caused us some financial losses. Another day owing to Hazare's fast will cause more damage to us."

He further said that the dabbawalas in Mumbai supported the cause, “It is a good cause, but we can't join because of practical reasons."

When asked if the joining of dabbawalas would not affect the movement, Mayank Gandhi, co-ordintaor, India Against Corruption (IAC) said: "We asked the dabbawallas not to break their 120-year-long tradition of delivering dabbas. They are with us in the struggle for the Jan Lokpal."

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