Modi supports Anna Hazare, criticises government

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SK Modi, Deputy Chief Minister, Bihar
Patna, Aug 16: SK Modi, Deputy Chief Minister, Bihar slammed the government for detaining Anna Hazare and urged people to come forward in streets and demonstrate in support of Anna Hazare.

"I urge the people to take to the streets and support Anna's movement democratically and peacefully," said Modi after police arrested Anna and his followers.

He further said that Anna's arrest was "more or less similar to arrest of late Jayaprakash Narayan against corruption on June 26, 1974".

Calling charges against Hazare “ridiculous", he further said that the government will have to face the aftermaths of the same.

"The Congress has stooped to such a low is evident to the allegation," he said.

"Jan Lokpal expresses the wishes of common people and therefore, the parliament and parliamentarians should respect people's desire," said Modi.

He further added that the movement was "above party consideration and for common people".

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