Shocking: Facebook users feel loneliness in real life

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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London, Aug 15: Have you ever thought of signing-out from Facebook to make friends in real life? If no, it's the time to kick yourself out from social networking sites to meet the reality. According to a new study, young people are not getting time to make friends in their real life as they are spending much of their time on Facebook.

A new survey study found that most of the teenagers are facing loneliness in their life though most of them have huge followers in social sites. The study revealed that despite of having an average of some 243 'Facebook' friends, teenagers are spending so much time on the Internet that 60 per cent have little time to go out with friends in real life.

According to report in Daily Mail, the study surveyed people aged from 18 to 80 and found that more than a third of people spend more time chatting online than going out with friends.

Interestingly, about 50 percent of the respondents are aware of lack of friends in their real life and wants to join or start a local friendship club.

More than 75 percent of the people participated in the survey admitted that they "feel lonely" and need more face-to-face friends to make life really worth living. Nearly 60 percent found making friends online is simpler with new technologies.

"Eighteen year-olds are as lonely as 80-year-olds and they want a friendship service because they can no longer make friends in the traditional ways," said Valery McConnell, the editor of 'Yours' magazine, which commissioned the survey.

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