Santosh Shetty's wife leaves no stone unturned to save hubby

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Mumbai, Aug 13: The world must be against the fugitive gangster Santosh Shetty but, love spoke finally when Shetty's second wife left no stone unturned to save her hubby. Shetty's wife almost stalled the investigators" progress in order to save him.

According to sources, when the fugitive gangster"s second wife, who is an Indonesian national of Chinese origin, learnt about his detention, she reportedly cooked up a story to prevent his deportation to India.

His wife lodged a alse complaint with Thai police alleging that her husband had usurped her properties. She demanded that he be tried in Thailand and not be deported. According to the police sources, it is believed that she was asked to do this.

The sources continued that her complaint against Shetty made the job difficult for the Mumbai police team which had gone there to seek his deportation. The team had to contact its bosses back in India, who, through diplomatic channels, got in touch with the Thai authorities. The sources added that the Thai authorities agreed for the deportation, after they were convinced of the wife"s ploy.

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