Feeling outdated? Steps to Deactivate Twitter account

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Bangalore, Aug 10: It's obvious that micro-blogging website Twitter has changed the way world communicates. In its successful five year life span, Twitter showed the power of 140-characters messages to the world. But, has Twitter lost its popularity with the launch of Facebook and Google Plus? If yes, here are the steps to pull yourself away from Twitter.

Recently, we reported the significance of Twitter in media and how it turned to a social site to social activist. Moreover, we discussed how Twitter played a crucial role in spreading the London riots. Though Twitter has more than 400 million monthly users and serves around 350 billion tweets a day, many of the users are bored of the 'lack of fun' on Twitter platform. Unlike other social sites, Twitter do not offer video or social games to entertain its users.

So, if you feel like signing-out Twitter, here we go. We are offering two options - either you can select 'break' or 'deactivate' methods. [See Steps to DELETE Facebook Acoount]

Take a Short Break:

Most of the Twitter users may have their accounts in Facebook or Google Plus. So, it would be difficult to find time for all social sites. Though we have some methods to get all these sites together, most of us will prefer keeping them different. If you want to concentrate more on Facebook, you can take a short break from Twitter.

For taking a break from Twitter, users have to turn off the email notifications, sign-out the reminders of Twitter on your computer and phone. You also have to take a timeout from scanning and sending tweets.

For doing this - Sign-in to Twitter account > Go to Settings > Click on Notifications > Uncheck the boxes for the notifications > Click Save

Deactivate Twitter account:

This option helps you to permanently sign-out from your Twitter account. Though it takes 30 days time, your messages and activities on Twitter will be permanently deleted. Remind - after 30 days, even if you changed your mind - there is no way to get your data back.

For doing this - Sign-in to Twitter account > Go to Settings > Click Deactivate my Account > Enter Password > Verify you want to deactivate > Click OK.

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