Afghanistan could see a 'very spectacular' attack by Taliban

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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Brigadier Ed Davis
London, Aug 10: The British commander in Afghanistan has said that the war-torn may soon witness a "very spectacular" attack by Taliban fighters. According to Brigadier Ed Davis, those Taliban fighters who had survived the NATO forces remained elusive, highly dangerous and were "evolving" their tactics.

Admitting that a high-level Taliban team was keeping one step ahead of his troops, the Brigadier said, "A hardcore are left that are hard to kill or capture and sophisticated in their targeting. They will look at more spectacular attacks and high-profile attacks targeting ISAF [International Security Assistance Force] and Afghan commanders."

And added, "They are very competent, they have been doing this for a long time and their tactics, techniques and procedures have evolved like ours."

Brigadier Davis, the Royal Marine commander of British forces in Helmand, said that despite the presence of new advanced intelligence methods of listening to the Taliban commanders, some were still difficult to track down.

He claimed that the group wanted to go into the winter having "convinced people they are winning".

Stating that the Taliban were still "a long way off from being defeated" and that the significant gains made in Helmand "are still reversible", he said that the "very spectacular" operations would most probably be inside the communities protected by security forces and would be "more obvious to the media."

He, however asserted that despite the fragile situation, the British forces enjoy a significant advantage over the Taliban in whole. He said, "We have a very broad and deep understanding of insurgent networks allowing us to interdict them in community and at range."

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