Cops' atrocity: Molested lady kills self, kid left helpless

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Kolkata, Aug 6: A 40-year-old lady, namely Mithu De committed suicide after she along with her son, Sourav were tortured and were molested at the hand of the police officials.

Four police personnel from Murshidabad in West Bengal have been suspended as they were accused of confining the woman and her son illegally without any arrest warrant.

The cops reportedly were investigating a murder case in which Mithu's husband, Raj Kumar has been named as the main accused. When the police officials failed to trace Raj Kumar, they (cops) picked Mithu and Sourav. Raj Kumar reportedly has absconded since the night their neighbour was murdered.

The deceased and her son were confined in jail lockup for the whole night and were tortured. "The police slapped me and my mother. They also pulled her by the hair. They kept on asking us where my father was. They told us that we would have to rot in jail for the rest of our lives if we did not tell the truth. The police refused to listen when we said we did not know where he was," the helpless child Sourav said.

Mithu and Sourav were released by the officials the next morning but their house was ransacked at the same day. The police allegedly threatened the neighbours for maintaining space with Raj Kumar's family.

Mithu committed suicide on that same day. "This morning, I woke up to find that my mother was not in bed. I woke my grandmother and started looking for my mother. We found her hanging from a beam in the poultry coup at our home. She had tied a towel round her neck," stated a devastated Sourav.

Government officials started an inquiry in the suicide case and vowed to punish the guilty person including the accused police officials.

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