Now Dhoni's brains on demand; IIM-R wants them to study!

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MS Dhoni
Ranchi, Aug 5: If India's most-successful Indian cricketer and captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a science, then the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi (IIM-R ) would want to study him. After many laurels the man has received in his stellar career, this one gets the cake hands down. The premier business school in the country intends to map Dhoni's brain and understand the 'inner wirings' of a successful leader for formulating a new course.

The IIM-R with a purpose to start a new course of neuro management will engage in this unique initiative by tying up with the city's Central Institute of Psychiatry (CIP). The study on Dhoni's brain will be the first in the kickstarting of this neuromanagement course.

An invitation has already been dispatched to Dhoni with the institution still waiting for a reply. IIM Ranchi director MJ Xavier has been quoted as saying, "The study of biological reactions and people's animal instincts mixed with management theories will not only create better managers, but also better human beings."

Xavier also added, "Brain reactions as well as its functioning, can now be mapped. We know what chemicals react in the brain in what ways, and how they trigger human reactions. When we have the resources here in Ranchi, why not start a course in neuro-marketing, which is already in vogue in the UK and at a research stage in China." He also claimed that neuromarketing is most likely to be the next big thing that can be productively applied to areas of design of products and services, packaging and branding .

Speaking on the idea behind the formulation of such a course, Xavier commented, "I was already interested in neuromarketing and was doing some research in this sector, but after joining IIM Ranchi, I asked CIP if we could work together. They got excited and we are now on the job." CIP Director, S Haque Nizami added that it will foray into the study of the electrical patterns of the brain and help in the endeavour.

The course, says Xavier will be "spread over three to 10 days and have regular two-year courses from 2014." He stated, "I am trying to explore the relationship between what people think, what they say and what they actually do. But the synchronisation is often missing, which calls for a study to see where the gap lies. Unravelling the age-old paradox can help marketing through neuro-management."

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