'Spirited' Gandhigiri shocks visitors; Dandi march insulted

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Surat, Aug 1: The historic Dandi March that has been considered as India's one of the most influential and unforgettable protests, now seems to have lost its respect. Few Goan photographers, who walked the Dandi March route to imbibe the spirit of Gandhism, were shocked at being offered alcohol at most of the villages where the Mahatma halted eight decades ago during the historic protest.

"We were offered liquor at most of the villages where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during the actual Dandi March in 1930. It was sad as we had come here to relive the most-important satyagrahas in the struggle for Indian independence," said Chaitanya Guttikar, one of the four artists. He is a PhD holder in mathematics and a professor in Miami, presently working as a photo researcher in Goa. "Many paid lip service to prohibition even as people reeking of booze staggered by," added Guttikar.

The group of photographers started their 387km walk from Sabarmati Ashram on July 6 to know Mahatma Gandhi and understand the concept of non-violence by documenting the Dandi March route. But, by the time they ended their journey on Sunday, their experience was completely opposite to what they had expected.

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