Control population explosion with 3G! What an Idea Sirji!!

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Idea ad screenshot
Mumbai, Jul 27: Do you know what's the reason behind India's huge population? It's not lack of education or family planning, but it's the lack of entertainment! And what's more, the remedy to check the population explosion in India is 3G! Confused?

With their brand new campaign, Idea Celluar, one of the largest mobile service providers in India, is dealing with another social evil - the population explosion. Like rest of their advertisements, Idea's new advertisement is also based on a social theme and gives a simple 'idea' to overcome this problem - use Idea's seamless 3G service on mobiles!

The new campaign, which has been developed by Idea's creative agency Lowe, says that the reason behind India's growing population is the unavailability of entertainment options for people. It describes that making people busy with entertainment will bring down the population growth rate in the country. So, what people have to do is, engage themselves in entertainment provided by Idea 3G services.

Idea's brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan explains that by providing entertainment option through Idea's 3G services like video calling, high speed internet, mobile TV, gaming etc will make them busy and they will forget about 'other entertainment' options.

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The catchy lines of the ad say that there will be 'No Aabaadi, No Barbaadi' as people will be '3G pe Busy'. What an Idea, Sirji!

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