Visually challenged student from Kolkata makes it to IIM

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IIM Calcutta
New Delhi, Jul 25: A 100 percent visually challenged student from Kolkata has made it to the country's most prestigious management school-IIM.

The 26-year-old student, Suresh Reddy was 13 when he lost his eyesight completely. Disheartened, his parents asked him to quit studies, but Suresh was determined to fight against all odds despite of the fact that he had lost his sight. He cracked the IIM entrance with the help of his friends and advanced technology.

Surprisingly, Reddy was the first to make it to the premier management school with 100 percent visual disability.

"My credibility of carrying an IIM tag should compensate. If I say I am from x school people just walk off. If I am from IIM, people will pay at least one second attention. It is that one second that I am looking for," said Suresh Reddy.

Suresh spends almost half of his time on studies and he stands as an inspiration to many at IIM.

"Lots of people have told me that they find Suresh's story very inspiring and I agree, we thought we were the smart ones getting through IIM but look at this guy, he has achieved something," said Sri Vatsavan, a student at IIM.

Not only the students, but the institute too looks with high regard at Suresh's achievement and thinks of him as both opportunity and challenge.

The institution is making sure that it does its best to help Suresh by providing him e-books to scanners and giving extra attention.

"He has been also exemplary in his efforts to study and learn things," said Prashant Mishra, Professor and Chairman of Post Graduate Programme.

"I have no other choice but to be optimistic and at least to follow if not to lead," he said.

Suresh Reddy's outstanding story will surely be an inspiration to many and especially to the students with disabilities, who wish to make it to the top.

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