Murder 2 effect: Man bombarded with calls to supply women

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Mumbai, Jul 22: Nitesh Ramesh Visawadhiya phone hasn't stopped ringing after Murder 2, sequel movie to famous Murder released.

Visawadhiya, who earns his living as a tailor in Jogeshwari has been bombarded with calls asking him to supply woman. The callers are generally men across the country. In the movie Murder 2, the phone number of the agency which provide girls belongs to the tailor in real life.

"I get outrageous and, often, lewd phone calls from places like Bihar and other far-flung regions of the country. Once, a man called from Goa asking if I was in the business of providing women. If my phone is ever traced, I could get arrested for this! The police might think I'm a dalal who sells girls," said Visawadhiya.

Quite a few callers are movie buffs, aspirants and customers seeking pleasure and ask him to pass on their regards to Mahesh Bhatt, the producer of the movie.

"They assume I'm acquainted with Bhatt, then tell me how they are better actors than Emraan Hashmi and ask me to give them an acting break. The others merely want to meet the actress with whom this number is associated with in the movie," he said.

"I don't have the time to waste at a movie theater. I have a business to run. I can't even afford to change this number. Most of my clients contact me on it," said Visawadhiya who took his complaint to the police and was told to come after watching the movie.

"I just want the harassment to stop," he said.

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