Leopard on a rampage; mauls forest guards and injures 11

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Kolkata, Jul 21: In a gruesome incident, a leopard pounced on forest guard officials in Siliguri in Kolkata and went on a rampage, the chilling visuals of which was caught in video and photographs. The disturbing images shown in various media channels show the leopard leaping on to a standing forest guard pinning him to the ground. A total of 11 people were injured in the showdown.

Though the guards were wearing protective gear like helmets, carrying batons and tranquilizer guns, the wild leopard's strength was unmatched. The wild cat injured six villagers, a policeman and four forest guards before being shot with tranquilizer gun. The leopard died later in the violent showdown. [See the chilling visuals here]

The leopard had strayed out of the forest area into a village in Siliguri. The efforts by wildlife officials to drive out the cat back to the sanctuary was unsuccessful. This later led to the leopard attacking anyone coming in its path and was seen in images hissing and tackling the forest guard officials. The guards were also seen to be jumping on top of a jeep to ward off attacks.

In spite of putting up a fight, the leopard was beaten to death by villagers using knives, stones and batons, according to the Forest official Dharma Dev Rai. It has to be remembered that killing of leopards is considered illegal in India. But with their natural habitat getting restricted due to development and construction in the area, these wild cats have no option but to stray to villages for food.

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