Men folk LOL: It's raining women in Google Plus!

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Google Plus female users
Bangalore, Jul 19: No more women empowerment needed in Google Plus! Finally after a sluggish start, the new social networking site Google+ is becoming a trend among the women folks also. According to latest reports, the number of Google+ women users have increased drastically in last few days.

A week after the announcement of Google+, web was busy with reports suggesting that number of women users were very low in Google+. Earlier, citing data from, we reported that only 11.6 percent users were women and the majority 86.9 percent was men folks.

With the reports of less number of women users, some of the analysts predicted that Google+ can't be a serious competitor to the market dominator Facebook, which has an incredible number of female users. Moreover, some the industry insiders opinionated that the low women folks number will effect the men users as they feel 'loneliness' without having any 'interaction' with their opposite sex.

But, now it seems like a party time for Google+ males! According to, a website which tracks Google Plus users, the number of females have increased. This site indexed 947,996 Google+ users and found that 234,504 users are women. There are 698,703 male users and 9,404 users have marked their gender as 'Other'.

The site also gives an insight to the women users. Out of the total 234,504 females, 3,892 are married, 2,995 are 'In a Relationship' and 704 users have given as 'Engaged'. Interestingly, 317 users marked it as 'It's complicated' and 33 users are 'In a Civil Union'.

Around 4,216 women users are looking for 'Networking' and another 4,110 users need 'Friends'. But, here is the good new for men folks - 428 females are in search of a 'Relationship' and 440 babes are in need of 'Dating'.

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