How to use Google Plus on mobile - Tips & Tricks

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Google Plus on mobile
Bangalore, Jul 18: With the arrival of latest social networking site Google Plus (Google+), social networking addicts are on their way to migrate from Facebook to Google+. With a 10 million users in less than in two weeks, Google's new social experiment has become a super duper hit among the net users around the globe.

But, there is a small hurdle to get into the Google+! As of now, Google has restricted the entry to the new the site as it's in field trial stage. So, you should get an 'Invitation' from any of your friend who had managed to Google Plus. Earlier, there were some bugs to get or send invite, but Google fixed these bugs and now allows the Google+ users to invite their friends.

In our Google Plus review and the Tips & Tricks, we shared features and plus points of Google Plus over other social sites. As most of you have already tested the site in your computers, it's the time to test it in your mobiles. If you own an Android mobile which runs 2.1 or higher versions, you have a dedicated Google+ app, which can be downloaded from Android Market.

Other smartphone and mobile users can login to Google+ by navigating to on your mobile web browser. Google said that iPhone app will be launched soon, but it seems like Apple is delaying the launch of Google Plus app for iPhones.

Features of Google+ on Mobile:
* Share your thoughts and location.
* Instantly upload your photos and videos as you take them.
* Get updates from your circles in the stream.
* Check in to a place.
* Make plans on-the-go with group messaging.
* View posts from people around you.
* Comment on or +1 a post.

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