Oracle wants Google CEO Larry Page's head in court

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Oracle Vs Google Android
New York, Jul 17: The legal fight between the search giant Google and Oracle over the Java language patent infringements by Android operating system has became nasty as the later asked US judge to order Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page to undergo questioning.

The Oracle, which accuses Google of deliberately infringing its intellectual property on Java for Android operating system, said that Larry Page reportedly made the decision to acquire Android and his testimony is needed in the case.

"(Page) reportedly made the decision to acquire Android, and thereby develop and launch the platform that Oracle now contends infringes its patents and copyrights," Oracle lawyers said in a letter to the court.

"Oracle believes that Mr. Page"s testimony will likely be relevant with respect to a number of other key issues in this case as well, including the value of the infringement to Google."

Oracle claimed that Google's mobile and tablet operating system Android violated its patent by using technology related to the Java programming language. Oracle, which acquired Sun Microsystems, the founder of Java, in Jan 2010, demanded $2.6 billion from Google for patent- and copyright-infringement on Java.

"Google repeatedly rejected the reasonable licensing terms that Sun offered and ultimately chose to willfully infringe Oracle's intellectual property and release the Java-based Android platform," Oracle said in the lawsuit.

But, Google retorted saying that the patents are invalid and not infringed. It claimed that Android users have a license to any patents in the case.

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