Hello Boyfriends - Women love computer games than sex!

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Couples playing video games
London, Jul 15: Guys, if you want to be a 'good' boyfriend, just give some computer games as gifts to your girlfriend! Confused? A new study revealed that women prefer games over sex!

According to a new survey conducted by Doritos, most of the women enjoy gaming than those who admitted they enjoy sex. The 'shocking' findings of the survey is that around 49 percent of women participated in the survey admitted that they are addicted to Internet games.

Interestingly, while 50 percent of the men said they are addicted with online games and spend 22.3 per cent of their time online playing games, women spend 23.2 percent of time in playing games.

The Daily Mail reported that majority of the women spend time playing on their gadgets than having sex and one in five even admitted to regularly gaming in bed.

"These days, people are on their mobiles at dinner; they spend hours on the computer or watching TV; and they are more connected to their Facebook friends than to the person they promised to love and cherish until death do them part," said relationship therapist Douglas Weiss.

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