'How to get Google+ Invite' - Hot topic on Facebook, Twitter

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Facebook Vs Google Plus
Bangalore, Jul 14: What's the talk in town? It's Google Plus Login. But you know, what's the hot topic in Facebook? It's 'How to get Google+ Invite'! Yes, it's true - the latest hot topic trending in Facebook and micro blogging site Twitter is the ways to join Google's latest social networking site Google+.

Even though Facebook founder and CEO added video calling feature and group chat service to his platform, it seems like Facebook addicts are slowly digging out the ways to get a Google+ Invite to join the 'new world' of networking.

While Facebook leads the market with more than 750 million users, Google+ managed to score a 350 percent growth rate in less than a week to reach 10 million user mark. Reports added that Google's 'Facebook-Killer' will cross 20 million users within few days.

Meanwhile, a fake Google+ Invite Facebook app, which promises direct membership without any invitation, has been spreading in Facebook. This spam app called 'Google Plus - Direct Access' asks users to grant permission to access users' personal information. y clicking 'Allow' button, this app can access users' name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends and whatever content they've shared with friends.

Interestingly, some of the reports added that this app was working properly and it offered access to Google Plus. But, when we checked, it was not working and we felt like it was a mere Facebook scam.

Twitter is also flooding with 'Google Plus Invite' and 'Google Plus' posts. Many Twitter users are requesting Google+ users to send Invites to their mail IDs. Tweets like "who wants an invite," or "Please send me an invite," are seen regularly after Google's announcement of the brand new social networking site. Know more about Google+.

Google+ is still on its field trial stage and Google has not yet announced the release date for it. Earlier, Google said that they will open Google Plus doors again and "will continue to throttle invites." Currently, Google Plus users can send invites to their friends, but those who haven't received any invites have to wait till public launch. If you're lucky enough to get an Invite, read our Google+ review and Tips & Tricks to stay on top!

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