Google Photovine - plant a photo, watch it grow!

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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California, Jul 14: Just few days after the announcement of their 'Facebook-Killer' social networking site Google Plus, the web giant Google is planning to roll out a brand new social-networking photo service, dubbed Photovine.

Though Photovine service is not yet started, the teaser video shows that it works exactly like Twitter tweets, but here instead of posts, it will be photos! Users can 'subscribe' or 'follow' their friends to see the latest photo updates.

According to technology blog TNW, "Photovine is a tag-based photo sharing app. You might upload a photo of something you tag as, say, 'Cuddly" or 'Best Mom in the world" and you can then explore the photos that others have posted with the same tag."

The video teaser shows how Photovine works. You can click photos on your mobile and share with your friends wita a particular tag. Also, users can see photos posted by their friends under the same tag. Currently, users can request for Photovine app by registering at Photovine website.

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In Aug 2010, Google acquired Slide, the social-media company that developed Photovine. During the acquisition, Google said, "Photovine is a photo-sharing service built by a few folks at Slide. It's a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people and share your world with others."

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