43 fashionable female beggers detained in Latur

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Aurangabad, Jul 12: Public call it unfair if the able-bodied beggars are seen on roads convincing people to fetch some money. But, how do we categorise those beggars in fashionable and expensive attires begging around? Yes, this has been proved true when around 43 Rajasthani females in jeans, T-shirts and capris were found begging for the past two days in Latur. These fashionable female-beggers were arrested by Latur police on Monday evening, Jul 11.

"We will contact the police in Rajasthan , or wherever they have come from, to know their antecedents. We also want to find out whether they are on police record," Latur superintendent of police B G Gaikar said. These girls during their begging-duty generally used to hook the men on the streets and ask for Rs 50 or more.

They also gave justifications and excuses to the people that their core cause for begging was because they were in trouble and also were going hungry in their home state. "We found it a little strange that such a large number of women claiming to be from a single place were begging on the streets, some of them dressed in jeans and tops. There are also some elderly women among them," Gaikar said.

According to Inspector P S Kakade of the MIDC police station, these women arrived in Latur on Sunday, Jul 10 and soon started their job of begging around the city. "We found no male companion with these women, though there are a few children among the lot. We took cognizance of their presence when complaints started pouring in. Women wearing jeans, appearing well-off and narrating a sorry tale while begging caused suspicion about their intentions," Kakade said.

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