Did Hitler invent sex doll to save his troops from disease?

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Adolf Hitler
Bangalore, Jul 11: Reports claim Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler as the father of sex doll. Hitler reportedly was the first person to approve blow-up dolls for army men.

Media reports had quoted Hitler as saying, "It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health for the sake of a quick adventure." Hitler personally ordered for the blue-eyed "gynoid" dolls which were designed in a way to be fit in a backpack.

"She should be a natural size with a pretty woman's appearance with white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, 1.76 meters (5 feet, nine inches) high, with large lips and breasts," a Norwegian newspaper had quoted the Nazi leader.

It is believed that the Nazi leaders had taken such shocking and amusing move after citing the deteriorating health conditions of his army men who were caught with sex diseases from hookers, as old reports had claimed.

However, the plan of using sex dolls for the troops was rubbished in 1942 as many German soldiers refused to carry those blow-up dolls in order to avert embarrassment if they were captured by the British.

While writing the Hitler's secretive "Borghild Project", Author Graeme Donald had mentioned in his writing, "In the end the idea fizzled out and the place where they were made and all the dolls were destroyed in the bombing of Dresden."

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