Dilshan killing: CB-CID seeks death penalty for Army officer

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Chennai, Jul 11: The CB-CID will seek a death penalty for the retired Lieutenant Colonel who is responsible for Dilshan' s death, said the Tamil Nadu police.

The retired Army Colonel, Kandasamy Ramraj had earlier admitted of killing 13-year-old Dilshan inside an Army residential compound in Chennai.

"Retired Lieutenant Colonel Kandasamy Ramaraj has confessed to his crime and the rifle used was a 30MI Springfield. He shot Dilshan from his balcony. The officer was apparently provoked by the incidents of kids plucking fruits on and off from the Army area. He has been charged under Section 302 of the IPC," the CB-CID had said in a press conference.

"The police recovered the rifle used from River Cooum near the Area. We are very proud of our officers for achieving the breakthrough in the case," said R Sekhar, CB-CID Chief.

The officer had retired in Apr and was about to vacate his quarters where the incident took place. The rifle used to kill Dilshan was also not renewed, said the CB-CID.

The CB-CID officials commented that there was no provocation and the exact reasons behind the firing are still being verified. The accused was on his way to Madurai when the investigative agency held him suspecting his involvement in the crime. The weapon used for the killing was recovered from the Coouam river in Chennai.

The accused person has been arrested and sent to remand, informed the CB-CID Chief.

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