Delhi: Fail to give security, police denies freedom to women

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Crime against women
New Delhi, Jul 10: The police in the national capital has landed in a fresh controversy when the police commissioner in Delhi, BK Gupta claimed that girls should not roam alone at night. Gupta stated that women, who want to avert any kind of threat to their safety, should be accompanied by a relative or friend when travelling alone at night.

"You have to take some basic precaution. You can't travel at 2 in night and say that Delhi is not safe. So reasonable precautions are expected to be taken by all citizens of Delhi," said Gupta while addressing an audience at Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ladies organisation on Sunday, Jul 10.

Gupta's statement created controversies as he was accused of denying freedom to women at this modern era. Citing the increasing crimes (rape, murder, kidnap), especially against women, anyone can state that Delhi has become a crime hub where women are not safe.

Earlier, OneIndia has reported a statistics which reveal the frequency of crime against women at the national capital. A report, revealed by Delhi police, stated that a woman is raped every 18 hours or molested every 14 hours in the Capital. If that's not shocking enough, most of the attackers fall under the below 25 age bracket.

But if one thought the system was taking all measures to turn around the disturbing statistic, there is no hope around the horizon. The Delhi Police commissioner Brijesh Kumar has said that the crime graph will see a rise in 2011. When there were 459 rape cases reported in 2009, the figures jumped to 489 in 2010. The same, if not enhanced number was detected in the molestation figures as well.

Another shocking statistic was that 56 percent of rape accused were aged below 25 and a whopping 92 percent accused were known to the victims. Police investigations point out that most of the attackers were from the immediate family circle and acquaintances. Apparently, only 4 percent of the accused were strangers, while 96 percent were those known to the victim or her family.

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