Facebook Group Chat: How to start, Tips & Tricks

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Facebook group chat
Bangalore, Jul 8: In a move to tackle the flow of users from its platform to the Google+ (Google Plus), Facebook has announced the launch of video calling and group chat services. Adding more fun to social networking, the new features will change the way you used Facebook before.

During the announcement of video calling, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook had reached the steps to start video calling on Facebook, now we like to share the tips and tricks to start group chat feature on Facebook.

  • How to add more friends to chat
  • Click the actions menu at the top of your chat window.
  • Select Add Friends to Chat.
  • Enter the names of the friends you want to add, then click Done.
  • When you"re chatting with one friend and you add more friends to the conversation, a new chat window opens for the group. Friends who are added can"t see the private conversation that you and your friend were having before you created the group chat.
  • Once you"ve already set up a group chat and you add more friends, the chat continues in the same window. Friends that are new to the chat can see the full history of the group conversation. This allows them to go back and see what the group is talking about.
  • To stop receiving messages in a chat with multiple friends, open the actions menu in the top right corner of the chat window and select Leave Conversation.
  • To start a new chat with the same group of friends, go to the original conversation in Facebook Messages and select Open in Chat from the actions menu.
  • To leave a group chat, simply go offline. You can also minimize a Chat window by clicking the blue bar at the top so it remains available at the bottom of the page.
  • When you click "Chat with Group," you"ll see photos of other group members that are online at the top of the chat window. In the bottom right corner of each picture, a green box will indicate a member who is online and a gray box will indicate anyone who is currently idle. People are considered idle when they have not taken any action on the site in the last 10 minutes.
  • All members of a group can interact in a group chat, regardless of whether they are confirmed friends. However, only confirmed friends can contact each other individually in chat.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in a group chat, you can go offline at any time. If necessary, you can report and/or block the attacker's profile.

The video calling and group chat features are available in Google+ also. It's interesting to see the 'World War' between Facebook and Google+, but the ultimate winner is the user. Google has not yet announced the Google+ release date. So, stay tuned to get more updates, review and tips & tricks on Facebook and Google+.

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