Google sends more Google+ Invites; to announce release date

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Bangalore, Jul 8: One of the basic law of supply and demand is, "If demand increases and supply remains unchanged, then it leads to higher equilibrium price and quantity." Now, it's more applicable to the Google+ demand. Millions around the globe are dying hard to get a Google+ Invitation, but Google is still keeping silent about the launch date.

Though Google restricted access to their new social networking site for a limited group, some bugs helped many others to get the Invites. But the latest reports suggest that Google did this intentionally to create a hype among social networking addicts and in media as well.

On Jul 7, bloggers and technology sites reported that Google again allowed users to join Google+. For few hours, the search giant opened the Google Plus doors and allowed its users to invite their friends to join the new 'Facebook Killer'. But the 'Grand Opening' lasted only for few hours and Google closed the doors.

Giving more hopes, Google+ engineering director Dave Besbris posted an announcement to his Google+ account saying that the company "feel comfortable enough to open up invites for a brief period." He also added that Google "will continue to throttle invites."

"We continue to throttle invites, so please don"t mass invite folks as it won"t work. If you invite a handful of your most important friends and family you"re much more likely to get these folks into our system."

"As Engineering Director of Google+, I wanted to take a moment to explain why we're growing the system slowly. First, we want to make sure our infrastructure scales so the service remains fast and reliable. Second, we want to ensure that bugs are fixed while there are still a relatively few people in the field trial," he added.

So, if you want a Google+ invite before the public release, try to login using your Gmail ID from Google+ website or ask your friends who already got a Google+ account to send invitation. If you're lucky enough to get an Invite, read our Google+ review and Tips & Tricks to stay on top! Best of Luck!

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