Terrorists innovate; Body bombs to wreak havoc in airports

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London, Jul 7: With terrorism high on our minds, the whole world seem to be on a constant high alert at all times. With terrorist elements exploring new ways to wreak havoc and spread their fury across the world, this one is sure to stun you. The Al Qaeda in a new attempt will now implant "body bombs" that will be surgically implanted into suicide bombers.

This latest trend was revealed by US security experts and have warned airlines and airport authorities to be on high alert for perils of this nature. A report that appeared in the Daily Mirror states that these explosives are implanted into abdomens, buttocks and breasts of suicide attackers making them immune to airport body scanners. The newspaper that accessed a secret memo quoted, “US security experts have warned airlines and airport authorities about the new threat."

Going a step further, it added that such extremist elements could inject a detonating chemical into their self that could trigger the bomb. The matter is believed to have been communicated with UK counterparts with the US Transport dept conveying the fact to the UK department through a memo on the existence of “body bombs".

The US Transportation and Security Administration in its memo to the UK stated, “Our Government has information indicating doctors have offered to help extremists surgically implant explosive devices in humans and animals for terrorist attacks." It also said that the UK airports are presently ill-equipped to detect such a bomb.

Adding on to the probable modus operandi that the bombers might employ, the US authorities said that these bombers might carry a doctor's letter that suggest that they had undergone a surgery recently and needed to carry a needle and syringe for medical purposes. The after-effect sure could be deadly if they are cleared in the security check-in.

The new fear could make air travel more tedious with increased security and checks.

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