Use Google+ as an Office Communicator, save life from Boss!

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Bangalore, Jul 6: The social networking world is busy with debates on the security features available in Facebook and the recently announced Google's brand new social networking platform, Google+ (Google Plus). Even though it's under trial process, Google+ gained positive praises from critics for its brand new features.

One of the interesting features in Google+ is Circles that allow users to manage their friends and control the sharing of photos, links and posts. In Google+ Circles, users can create separate groups or circles with selected friends and can share their posts to these selected members only. Even though Facebook also has this feature, many are not aware of it. This feature in Facebook also seems to be only for tech-savvy people.

The interesting fact with Circles is, users can create separate groups for their friends, family members and office colleagues, thus they can keep their personal lives away from office or their funny moments with friends out of their family's reach.

How many times your boss fired you for posts in Facebook about your hectic office life? We all want to share our personal thoughts with our friends, but how can we make it hidden form others? And moreover, if you want to comment on your 'Ex', how can you keep this as a secret to limited friends? The simple answer is Google+!

Interestingly, Google+ is going to emerge as a powerful tool at workplace. Those, who are using private enterprise social networking apps like Yammer, Jive, tibbr, Socialtext etc for office communication, can think over a shift to Google+ as it offers more features. With its Circles, video chatting feature Hangouts and newsfeed service Sparks, Google's latest social network can offer better connectivity with voice, video and all other multimedia elements.

Just think about a Hangout video conferencing with your team-members about a new project, or the newest way of sharing information which you got from web through Sparks! Where do you get all these features in a single platform and that with more security than any others.

Anyhow, Google+ is still in production stage and needs a lot of improvement. Earlier, we reported some of the bugs users identified for sending the 'restricted' Invites. Now, Google is working on various bugs and trying new features. It's expected that the search giant will add apps and games to this platform. Let's wait and see what all things would be added to it during the public release. Stay tuned to get more updates and tips. Read Google+ tips and review.

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