Dancing, Partying banned in Mumbai? Beware of police

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Mumbai, Jul 6: Beware of police - probably has become the word which any parents want to say to their child who is planning for dancing in a party in the 'rocking city' - Mumbai. A recent incident in a party has traumatised the people when 71 youths were detained and released after paying a whopping fine - Rs 1,200, each allegedly for dancing "indecently."

The youngsters, mostly working in some call centers, were picked up by Malad police when the detainees attended a DJ party allegedly without any permission on Sunday, Jul 3.

Generally, organisers, who play DJ music without permission, are charged but the cops held all and also claimed that the accused were detained on "moral grounds."

However, police's such morality caused to have irked the people in the city, especially the youngsters. Many eyewitnesses also blamed police by informing that some "couples were holding hands and nothing more," but they were charged with "indecent behaviour".

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