Secret cells opened, Padmanabha to show his rage on Kerala?

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The golden deity of Lord Vishnu
Thiruvananthapuram, Jul 5: It seems that Kerala is indeed god's own country or better to say Padmanabha's own country. With the Rs 1 lakh crore booty that has emerged from the underground cellars of the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala, all eyes are on God's own country that will now be called home to the richest temple in the country. But will the state face rage from Padmanabha for opening the secret chambers which was enclosed for over 150 years.

After the sixth continuous day of assessing the contents of the hidden vaults, officials and administration are flabbergasted due to the sheer nature of the contents that have emerged out of the stone chambers. Among the recent findings include a huge idol of Lord Vishnu that is studded in diamonds and precious emeralds. The trove also yielded various adornments of the deity that was worth Rs 13 crore. Two other secret chambers are yet to be opened. [Kerala: Why Padmanabha temple's hidden vaults were opened?]

The recent findings of the idol of Vishnu is a whopping one and a half feet made of pure gold. The chamber A also contained figurines weighing a kilo each and a 35 kilo, 18 foot gold jewellery used to decorate the deity. Bags of precious jewels and gold chips were also found inside. [Tunnels to easily access the Padmanabha temple assets?]

Now, the seven-member Supreme Court committee is all set to open the last cell - chamber B which has become the object of much curiosity as - will the opening of unlocked Chamber B bring misfortune to Kerala?

The findings in the Padmanabhaswamy temple has given many Keralites a chance to feel proud over their state as Padmanabhaswamy temple, leaving Tirupati temple behind, has already become the richest temple in the country.

However, many rumours create controversies which afraid people in the state. According to the royal family that takes care of the shrine, opening Chamber B could be a bad omen for the state and also for those involved in the exercise.

One committee member has suffered an injury in the leg while another member's ailing mom passed away Monday, Jul 4.

"Numerous stories are there, though no one knows their veracity. But not many are willing to ignore them either. The deity is believed to have immense powers and many who have done things not in tune with temple customs have suffered," the newspaper DNA quoted a source attached to the temple as saying.

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