Think before you click Google+ Invite!

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Bangalore, Jul 5: Think before you act on Google Plus Invite! As most of the social networking geeks are eagerly waiting for a Google+ Invite, security experts warned of a virus dubbed as Googe+ Invite.

According to the security firm Sophos, cyber criminals are exploiting the Google+ brand and sending out bogus Google+ invitations. The false Google+ Invitation looks exactly like the real Google+ Invite, but by clicking on it, the links leads to a pharmacy website set up to sell the likes of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to the unwary.

Google announced its social networking site Google+ on Jun 28, but limited its access. Google sent out access to a limited group as the new platform is on trial mode. But, some of the users who granted the access found bugs to send more invites to their friends. Click to read more on Google+.

Anyhow, Google was working on the bugs and it seems like it has fixed some of the loopholes for sending more invitations. Google+ offers brand new features including live video chat and more security features. Read Google+ Tips & Tricks.

Google+ was Google's latest tool to beat the Facebook, which controls the social networking market with nearly 700 million active users. Google is planning to launch the public version of Google+ in near future. Read Google+ review here.

Google+ is Google's third dive to social networking market after the break down of Orkut, Buzz and Wave. Even though Orkut still maintains around 100 million users, it's future is in dilemma. Interestingly, let's wait and see what Google will decide on multiple social networking platform.

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