Google Plus Invite Bugs: Tips to send, Get Invite Here

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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New York, Jul 4: The hottest cake in the market is Google Plus Invite! It seems the people who got Google+ account are facing loneliness due to lack of friends. Many of the Google+ account holders are reportedly trying new methods to send Google+ Invite to their friends. Here are few tips to add your friends.

Google announced the launch of its brand new social networking site Google+ to beat Facebook, who dominates the market with nearly 700 million users. Even though Google has not yet launched the Google+ for public, they have send some invitation to selected groups to test new features. Luckily we also got the chance to taste the Google+ pie.

In our Google+ review, we stated how to invite friends to your Google+ Circles without having the option of adding friends through emails. We managed to add couple of friends to Circles, but now it seems like Google identified the bug and blocked that option also.

A report in technology website PCWorld revealed new ways to add more friends to your Google+ Circles. Try these steps:

iOS Loophole - Though Google and Apple are rivals in the market, their products work together brilliantly. If you have any products running on iOS operating system, you can taste Google+. On your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, login to website and you can sign it with your regular Gmail account. If you are using a Mac computer all you have to do is login to set Safari's user agent as mobile version.

Chrome Loophole - Download the Chrome app from Chrome Store on Google Chrome. Once installed, just click on the icon on Chrome and you will be redirected to the sign-up page of Google+.

Andy Rowe Loophole - Another way to join Google+ is the easiest of the lot was found by Andy Rowe, a link to your own profile (

These are few loopholes spotted by various users around the globe. Try one by one and let's know which one worked for you.

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