Facebook Circle Hack steals Google+ Circles idea

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Google Plus Circles
California, Jun 3: If you find the world is obsessed with Facebook, the brand new Google+ would be your cup of tea! Some of us still don't want to move out of Facebook, but need Google+ (Google Plus) features badly. Here is one of the much hyped Google+ feature right on your Facebook platform.

The new Facebook app 'Circle Hack' allows users to mange their friends in different groups or circles. Yes, Circle hack works exactly like Google+ Circles that allows users to create separate groups for friends and posts, messages and links posted in this group will be visible to the group members only.

Facebook engineers created Circle Hack to overcome Facebook's limitation of grouping friends. One of the limitations of Facebook is that the posts, messages, photos, comments etc posted in the profile will be visible to all. Here, the new Circle Hack kelps to organize people individually to different groups. The user can create a new list of friends by simply dragging friends on to the corresponding circle.

Getting started:

  • Go to Circle Hack website and login to the Facebook by authorizing the app
  • You'll land in a page where you can see two sections, your friends list in the above and bottom with a message "Drag here to create new list"
  • Select a Circle - Family, Friends, College Buddies - add friends by dragging them to the group
  • You can also add multiple friends at a time. Simply select the friends - their contact box will turn blue - after you finish, drag them to the group
  • You can create new group or rename the group - select the name in the drop-down menu that automatically appears - and click accept

But, unlike the Google+ Circles, Facebook Circle Hack has many limitations. You can't delete a friend list and you cannot remove someone from a list. Read Google+ review

If you want to organize your friend list in better way, you have to do it through Facebook itself. Any how, you got some Google+ pie on Facebook!

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