Purulia Case: Danish HC rejects CBI's extradition plea

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New Delhi, Jun 30: The Danish High Court on Jun 30 favoured Kim Davy in the Purulia case.

The Danish High Court rejected the extradition plea of Kim Davy, the main accused in the 1995 Purulia case. The decision was taken unanimously by the Constitutional Bench in Denmark.

According to media reports, CBI will now appeal in Danish High Court in three weeks time.

On Dec 17, 1995 arms and ammunition were dropped into Purulia District, West Bengal. Davy was accused of being the main conspirator behind dropping 10 rocket launchers, 100 anti tank grenades and at least 300 Bulgarian made AK 47 rifles by an aircraft.

Though Davy was arrested by the CBI, he managed to escape to the Mumbai airport after five days. A request to extradite Davy to the country was sent by CBI in 2002, later the Danish authorities put up conditions to extradite the accused Davy in 2005.

The CBI could not prove the fact that the arms were dropped for the Anand Margis. Five citizens of Latvia and Peter Bleach were given a life imprisonment sentence. While Bleach was released after a presidential pardon in 2004, the Latvians were released in 2000.

The verdict given today may not be final as there are possibilities of the case to be dragged to Supreme Court, Denmark.

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