Uttar Pradesh: Mayawati denies 'Nyaya' to Congress and state

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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Lucknow, Jun 27: The battle for Uttar Pradesh is getting more intense as the ruling Mayawati government has shown a strong determination to curb all democratic rights and thus not give an inch to the Opposition to protest against anything. In an atrocious decision that could well define the political landscape in the northern state, the Mayawati government has denied permission to the Congress party to hold a protest march in Lucknow.

The reason given for the denial is one that has been so comprehensively used by political parties over the years to strangulate any opposition against their rule or misrule. Anil Kumar Sagar, the District Magistrate of Lucknow. said that the police apprehended breach of peace and inconvenience to residents due to traffic disruptions.

It can be recalled that the Congress party planned to hold a 'Nyaya' march in Lucknow against the alleged spurt in crimes in Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, Mayawati, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, lost no time in slamming the central government for playing politics with the situation in the state. She has been quoted as saying, "If any incident takes place in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress government takes that opportunity to put a wrong picture through the media. The Congress government plays politics on any incident that takes place in UP."

Playing the Dalit card to full effect, the chief minister, it seemed to appear was not serious enough to tackle the growing lawlessness in the state. On Jun 26, she was quoted as saying, "Compared to the state of Uttar Pradesh, there are crimes in Congress and BJP-ruled states as well but the sad bit is that the Central government is silent about them. It clearly signifies that they can't accept the fact that a Dalit is a leader of the state. They can't accept that a Dalit is in power."

With the politics over lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh being in full-swing, it now remains to be seen as to what the state government and the opposition parties resort to in their game of one-upmanship.

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