2G: Kanimozhi yearns for son in Tihar jail

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New Delhi, Jun 26: While DMK MP and 2G accused Kanimozhi is still trying to adapt to her life in Tihar jail, sources reveal that most of her time in the jail is spent yearning and many a times crying for her son.

After her bail plea was rejected for the third time, the smile on Kanimozhi's face has also disappeared, disclosed sources, who wished to remain anonymous.

"She is finding it difficult (being confined to her cell). For the first one week she looked fine, but after her three bail pleas were rejected, she was clearly upset. We see her crying now and then," said one source.

Kanimozhi first bail plea was rejected on May 20 by the special CBI court and then on Jun 8 by Delhi HC and by the Supreme Court on Jun 20.

A Raja, also a 2G spectrum accused seems to have accepted his fate unlike Kanimozhi who is unable to accept the change in her life.

According to jail officials Kanimozhi spends most of her time writing, reading English or Tamil literature.

"We are not sure whether she writes poetry or random thoughts," said other sources.

"After she returns from the court, we usually see her busy writing," they added.

Unable to spend her time because the court is on vacation, Kanimozhi also worries as she is unable to meet her mother and son 10-year-old son Aditya. During the sessions in court Kanimozhi can be seen pampering her son all the time.

"If you ask what upsets her most it is her separation from her son. She talks little but whenever she talks it is mostly about her son," said the source.

"Due to the harsh Delhi heat, she has developed boils all over the body,"said her father, Karunanidhi after he visited her at Tihar adding that Sharad Kumar was also in poor health.

"Tihar Jail has been appreciated by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and by the Delhi High Court for our maintenance, and among the many jails in the country we are in the forefront in fulfilling the basic needs of the jail inmates," said Sunil Gupta, Tihar jail officer and spokesperson.

"We have our own team of doctors; if she is unwell the doctors can go up to her ward and treat her or she can go to the dispensary herself. No special permission is needed. Any inmate can inform the jail superintendent concerned for any medical assistance," he said adding that if any inmate was unwell they could use the jail dispensary.

He also added that the media reports of Kanimozhi involving in candle making was not true.

"She is an under trial and under trials are not given any task to do. So she is not learning any trade in the jail," added Gupta.

Kanimozhi, along with Sharad Kumar, MD, Kalaignar TV allegedly received a bribe of Rs 200 crore from Cineyug Films through Shahid Balwa's DB Realty.

Kanimozhi stands by her argument that the alleged Rs 200 crore bribe was in actuality a loan from Cineyug and was availed at market rate for the channel's operations.

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