Mumbai believes police gunned down J Dey

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Jyotirmoy Dey
Mumbai, Jun 24: No one could have ever imagined Mumbaikars' backlash in the wake of Mid DAY journalist J Dey's murder unless it was decided to commission the respected Centre for Forecasting & Research (Cfore) to survey the city.

J Dey who was gunned down by few bike-borne assailants on Sat, Jun 11 shook the entire media fraternity. To show their grudge towards the slow probe procedure, the Mumbai media personnel had carried out a procession that fell hard on the Mumbai police team.

Initially, though the oil mafia gang and Chota Shakeel-Dawood gang was suspected of the brazen killing, later Mumbai ACP Mahabole, alleged of his links with the D-gang was transferred. Later when few sketches of the assailants were released that tightened up the hands of the Mumbai police who managed to fasten the probe by accessing Dey's emails, sms and notes through which they were successful in obtaining certain evidences.

Despite all of this, one in every two city residents believe rogue cops killed Dey and less than a quarter of the respondents believed that the underworld or the diesel mafia (which killed Yashwant Sonawane in January) was behind the murder.

In fact, nearly 97% of the respondents want the case handed over to the CBI. More than half believed the police would frame innocents and allow the case to fall apart in court, and more than a third felt the case would remain a perennial whodunit. Only one in 10 had faith in the police cracking the case.

This survey reveals the hidden fact that why common public do not feel confident about going to a police station to make a complaint; a third of respondents believed they would be asked for a bribe and another quarter was certain of shabby treatment.

Hence, almost two-thirds of the respondents agreed that the police"s image hinges on the case. Solving it may salvage the cops' reputation somewhat.

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