SIMI suspected in murder of students in Mysore

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Bangalore, Jun 23: The banned outfit SIMI has been reorganised in Karnataka in the name - Karnataka forum for Dignity (KFD), said Media reports.

The information came to light after there was a probe into the murder and killing of two MBA students in Mysore.

The two students Vignesh and Sudhindra were kidnapped from outside Mahajana college on Jun 8, where they went to take up an examination.

Sudhindra's father, a businessman by profession from Hunsur was asked to pay an amount of 5 crore as ransom money for his son's release.

The dead bodies of the two victims, strangulated and stabbed were found outside Bangalore on Jun 11.

So far 6 people have been held by the police. Sudhindra's acquaintances Athaulla Khan, Adil Pasha and four others were detained for demanding ransom and killing the two students.

According to the police, 23-year-old Adil Pasha and 23-year-old Athaulla Khan had spent six months in jail for their role in 2009 riots which involved Karnataka Forum for Dignity, a Muslim youth organisation having links with the National Democratic Front in North Kerala and the MNP, Tamil Nadu.

All the six accused have accepted their role in the foul play and admitted that they carried out the crime to raise fund for their organisation.

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