Telangana activists turn violent; attacks Minister's convoy

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Telangana protest
Hyderabad, Jun 22: After the cook-off in the roads by pro-Telengana supporters in Hyderabad, the agitators have now taken to a violent mode. Telengana activists attacked the Handlooms and Textiles Minister Shankar Rao's convoy seeking his resignation on the issue of the separate state. Rao's convoy was attacked near Hanamkonda town.

The attack was carried out predominantly by students and other activists who shouted slogans 'Jai Telangana' and hurled shoes and stones at the convoy. Police officials intervened to disperse the crowd and took the Minister to safety.

Top Telengana activist and ideologue K. Jayashankar had died on Tuesday and a similar incident happened then when the crowd went on a rampage against Parliament members S Rajaiah and G Vivek who had come to pay the last respects to the deceased leader. Shankar Rao was also attacked while he was returning from Jayashankar's house.

Mourners took to violence saying that they will not allow Congress and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders to pay their respects or allow them to attend his funeral that is scheduled to be held late on Wednesday. The group also included students from the Kakatiya University who claimed that it was the Congress and the TDP who was responsible for the delay in the formation of the separate state due to their apprehension in quitting their posts.

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