Shiv Nagar newly named as Nagar

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Shiv Nagar, Jun 20: Shiv Nagar, a remote village in North India is one of the indian villages with pathetic conditions. The poor villagers from this tiny hamlet of thatched huts still suffers inadequate and unreliable electric supply. Yet, what differentiates Shiv Nagar from the other Indian Villages?

What makes the entire village interesting is its brand new, sophisticated name. This week Shiv Nagar became Nagar, after India's answer to Groupon, the online coupon giant.

As city lives are endowed with advantages and a fashionable life, a remote village like Shiv Nagar or Nagar lack such facilities. They don't wear designer stuffs, nor they go to expensive malls and restaurants. Yet, the residents wanted to thank the SnapDeal for giving them something that they consider a luxury -- water.

The Indian e-commerce company installed 15 hand pumps, so villagers no longer have to walk miles to quench their thirst. There was no source of potable water.

Kunal Bahl, the founder of decided to use some of the profits from his burgeoning business to do something good for the remote villages. Bahl went to Shiv Nagar, met with the village leaders and paid to install the 15 hand pumps. "It cost us $ 5,000 max, but it was quite life changing for residents there," he said.

The government had done minimal for the poor residents. In fact, they had heard from their parliamentary representatives before elections. Then, they were left out and forgotten completely.

People like Bahl, who have profited huge from India's emerging economic prowess, have taken a step forward to upgrade the downtrodden villagers. Bahl also said that he would continue his relationship with Nagar and help improve the village's infrastructure.

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