Russian President wants 2nd term without challenging Putin

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Russian presi Medvedev and PM Putin
Moscow, Jun 20: On Monday, Jun 20, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that he wanted a second Kremlin term but, it remains to be seen whether he would run for re-election in 2012. He also assured that he wouldn't compete with Russian PM Vladimir Putin.

In an interview, Medvedev cleared that he and Mr. Putin wouldn"t face one another in the next March election as their contention would hurt the country. Mr. Putin, who shifted into Prime Minister"s seat in 2008 after serving the constitutional limit of two consecutive terms is seen as more powerful and is widely expected to reclaim the job.

"The thing is that Vladimir Putin, both my colleague and old friend and I still largely represent the same political force," Medvedev said. Hence, competition between Putin and Medvedev "could harm those tasks and goals we have been pursuing for the past years. "

He also added that "Participation in elections is about winning" and "not about facilitating the development of slogans (calling) for free competition". He vividly denied of any rift between him and Putin.

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