India supports the delinking of al Qaeda and Taliban by UNSC

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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UN Security Council
United Nations, Jun 18: Showing its support to the two UN Security Council resolutions to reform the sanctions on the Taliban and al Qaeda, India on Jun 18, reiterated its "steadfast commitment" to the war against terrorism and warned against diluting the global legal regime to combat the menace.

The United Nations Security Council on Jun 17, under two new resolutions 1988 and 1989 created separate sanctions regimes, one for the terror outfit al Qaeda and another for the Islamist hardline group Taliban.

Experts say that the is move aimed at garnering support for the Afghan government's reconciliation efforts with the Taliban.

In a statement, explaining its support to the resolutions, India said, "There is, in fact continuing urgency to strengthen and make it more comprehensive and effective. We have joined the consensus in favour of the resolutions adopted today to convey an unequivocal and resolute message from this Council of its steadfast determination in countering terrorism."

It added, "India fully supports an Afghan-led inclusive and transparent process of reconciliation, adhering to the redlines as enunciated by the Afghan Government in the London and Kabul communiques."

The statement noted India's repeated concerns in the Security Council that the working of the 1267 Sanctions Committee has been subject to political whims and fancies.

The Indian statement said, "This is a scenario that we can ill-afford in our fight against terrorism," it said demanding that "The process of listings as well as de-listings needs to be guided by the same set of principles - fairness, credibility and transparency."

And added, "Then only would it be ensured that the Sanctions Lists are really effective. We hope that as we move forward, we keep this critical requirement uppermost in our minds."

Referring to the collaboration among terror outfits and the international cooperation required to handle it, the statement said, "The syndicate of terrorism, with intricate interconnections, comprising al Qaeda, elements of the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Toiba and other terrorist groups that operate from within and outside Afghan borders are among the biggest threats from terrorism world-wide."

And added, "International cooperation and concerted action against terrorists and their sponsors, including the complete dismantling of terrorist safe havens, sanctuaries, training grounds and financial and ideological support structures are the critical imperatives to defeat this scourge."

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