US: International human trafficking racket busted

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Human trafficking
Boston, Jul 15: A major international human trafficking racket has been busted by the US authorities and six people are charged in the same for apparently smuggling people from Brazil and India into the borders in the US.

The US prosecutors on Tuesday, Jun 14 said that it has busted International racket where hundreds of immigrants mostly from Brazil and India were transported to the United States, most of them young women were pushed into the flesh trade.

The prosecutors said that people were smuggled through two routes. The first was through Central America and the second was across the international border between the US and Mexico. The second route , through Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

So far six arrests have been made for people involved in the network from Massachusetts, Texas and New Jersey.

The six persons charged in New Jersey include Priscilla LNU, Claudinei Pereira Mota, Sanderlei Alves DaCruz, Francismar Da Conceicao, Brazilians Nacip Teotonio Pires and Rubens Da Silva.

The six people involved in the racket could face a minimum sentence of 10 year term in the jail and a pay a fine of $250,000 if they are found guilty.

The young girls who the smugglers to reach the United States were ready to pay the involved debts from what they earned. They agreed on paying them $13,000 to $25,000 once they reached US and worked in strip clubs.

Unable to pay them debts the girls were threatened often that their families would be harmed if they failed to pay the debt, which led to many girls getting into the flesh trade.

"Alien smugglers make big business of exploiting dreams and treating people as human cargo. Smuggling routes snake around the globe, with facilitators and customers colluding to commit crimes," said Paul Fishman, US Attorney, New Jersey.

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